Current Session Info

2015 Falcon Football Cheerleading

Registration closes in 6 days

Questions? Contact Harley @

Registration = $90 (plus the cost of equipment). You can choose the 'PAYMENT PLAN' option when paying. The initial payment will be $30 with 2 additional $30 payments required to be made on March 5th and April 5th.

The girls will learn the fundamentals of cheering, they will also cheer at the Falcons Football games and will compete in about 4 competitions that will be held locally.

No Refunds.

2105 SP Club Soccer

Registration closes in 7 days

*for those who made the team only*


2015 Summer Field-Hockey Clinic

Come learn/review field hockey skills and meet new friends!

When: Thursday, June 11th, 6-8pm
Where: Dundalk Community College
Cost: $20.00 per participant
Grades: Kindergarten – 8th grade

Equipment Needed:
Shin guards
Mouth guards
Field hockey stick
(We do have some spare sticks, call ahead if you need to borrow one)

Any questions contact:
Sherri Nelson, 443-844-7303
Dawn Bean,, 443-690-1893

80's Soccer Classic



Nobody did 'soccer' better than the SEA did in the 80s. This is a family-fun event for those who played 80s Rec soccer in the Southeast Baltimore County area to come out, see some old friends and relive those glory years! ALL (players, friends and fans alike) are welcome to attend to enjoy the day of festivities and renewing old friendships!


Date: Saturday Night, September 12th
Times: 8pm-12am
Location: Seahorse Inn on Wise Avenue (confirmation pending).
Details: Come one, come all to this special social event to catch up with old friends and for team captains to check-in and pick up their team packets! ***Request - Please bring old photos, uniforms, etc... to be displayed at our 'Historical Table' this evening and at the event the following day.

Date: Sunday, September 13th
Times: First games - 1pm (Team arrival as early as 12pm)
Location: Sparrows Point High School
Details: Join us for a day of flashback soccer games between the great SEA programs of the 80s! Kids Activities (face-painting, etc...), Entertainment (80s music), Food (for sale) and hanging with old friends!

Game Length: Two 25 minute halves w/5 minute halftime. Games at the top of the hour. Before each game, the players will walk onto the field escorted by their kids and pose for a team photo and one with their opponent.
Game Play: 11 v 11 for-fun soccer!
First Aid Volunteers: Available
Referees: Volunteer (so don't give them grief - LOL!)
***NO ALCOHOL allowed at this event as this is on Baltimore County grounds***

TBA - In progress. Will release details when available.

2015 Field-Hockey (Fall)

The Lady Warriors field hockey program, not only teaches field hockey skills, but also dedication and teamwork. Its a fast growing sport and this is a fast growing program... we hope you will be a part of the fun!

Contact Sherri Nelson (443-844-7303) for more information.

The goal of the program is to teach female athletes field hockey skills before they reach high school. This will help the Southeast Area be more competitive with the other areas of Baltimore County. Each girl will be taught stick skills, positions, rules, dodges, passing, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Sparrows Point Soccer Club,
contact Jonathan Wynne

For assistance with Field-Hockey Clinic,
contact Sherri Nelson

For assistance with Field Hockey,
contact Dana Keller

For assistance with Registration,
contact Tim Dodge

For more information, visit the Edgemere-Sparrows Point Recreation Council website at






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1. Upon registering, parents have the option to submit special requests (ie transportation, coaching, etc...). However, please understand that these requests ARE NOT GUARANTEED. The Program Chair (not coaches) will make the decision to what requests are granted and which are not. As always, our Program Chairs will do their best to accommodate the requests, but also have various other considerations to make in order to do what is best for the program as a whole. Their will be NO REFUNDS to those who submit a request that is not granted.


1. Our online registration system accepts credit card payments only.  If you have any questions regarding the online registration, please contact your program chairperson.


1. Upon completing online registration (including payment), you will receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION. Please make sure you hold onto this email in case their are any issues afterwards. If you did not receive the email confirmation or cannot produce it when asked, you will NOT be registered for the program. If you are experiencing problems, please contact the program chairperson via EMAIL & PHONE immediately! *Please note: If your order is in your 'shopping cart', your registration is NOT complete.


1.It is of the utmost importance that you maintain the latest up-to-date contact information (email, phone#, mailing address) in your online account. These are the outlets in which the Rec-Council will contact you with day-to-day schedules/team info & other pertinant Rec-Council information. The ESP Rec-Council is not responsible for those who do not keep this information up-to-date. If your contact information does happen to change during an active season, it is the parents responsibility to notify the program/coach of this change.


1. If you volunteered at the ESP Haunted Dungeons and received dungeon coupons for your service, please contact our online system administrator, Tim Dodge (, to get your coupon discounts applied to your account. You must submit your Dungeon Coupons to the ESP Rec-Council Office (located at Edgemere ES on North Point Road) in order to receive the credit.


1. The ESP Rec-Council operates under a strict NO REFUND policy. Please read more about this in our bylaws which can be obtained from the Rec office located at Edgemere ES on North Point Road during normal office hours.



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